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                            We  represent  to  you  Trio  "AGLA" :
                                            ( from Bulgaria

   String trio "A.G.L.A." started their existence in February 2004 , when they collect to play for a cocktail to their friend. The connection between them have started from the first rehearsal. T
hey decide to play together and to been permanent membership. Trio "A.G.L.A." add to their material new peaces and tested more kind of music. At this moment they are playing in many parties, cocktails and presentations in Bulgaria.

   Tonia is the viola player of the trio. She play viola from 17-teen years and she has attended high school of music at Stara Zagora and Music Academy at Sofia. Now Tonia plays in chamber orchestra at Sofia.

   Mihail play violin. He is the leader of the trio and plays violin from 6 years old. He has attended National Academy of Music at Sofia. Mihail has a great experience like player in such kind of bands at many parties and cocktails.

   Nadia play violin in the trio. She play violin from 6 years old and selects the music material and remakes it to string trio. Nadia has a great experience in chamber music.

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