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                           We  represent  to  you  DANIEL'S Duo :
                                             ( from Bulgaria

   DANIEL have been playing the piano since i was 6 years old and after Daniel finished primary school i passed the exams in the Lubomir Pipkov Secondary music school in Sofia. Than he continued his one education there in the class of the famous Bulgarian musician Krassimir Karadimchev. Daniel finished this school and started to study in Academy "Pancho Vladigerov" in Sofia.

   VALERIE is the lead singer in the "Daniel's Jazz Band". She has been performing for quite some time now and her experience and maturity as a singer is seen in all her performances. Valerie's repertoire also includes a lot of Jazz and Standards routines. The audience can definitely feel the earth move when she struts her way on stage. She is so professional jazz singer and musician.

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