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                           We  represent  to  you  Duo  "T & V" :
                                          ( from Bulgaria


   Graduate - State Music School "Dobrin Petkov", Plovdiv 1999
State Music Academy "Pancho Wladigeroff" 2004 - Bachelor Degree
Solist of Plovdiv State Orchestra, Vidin SO, Youth Symfonieta "Dobrin Petkov"

   Awards: "Czech and Slovak Music", Varna 1997
Special prize for Chamber music -"Music and the Earth" 2000
Academic Competition "Nikola Stefanov" 2002

   Festivals: member of Flute Quartet - Apolonia" - Sozopol, Olympic Days -Nessebar, European Festival - Varna
   Tours: Youth Symfonieta "Dobrin Petkov" Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Suisse.
Ladies Orchestra - Italy
Chamber Duo - flute& piano - Seoul, South Korea 2004/05

   Gratuate - State Music School "Lubomir Pipkov", Sofia 1988
State Music Academy "Pancho Wladigeroff" 1995 - Master Degree
Solist of State Academic Orchestra - Sofia, Shumen SO, Chamber SO "Gorna Banya"

   Awards: "Giovanni Pianisti" Salerno, Italy 1991
National Piano Competition Provadia, Bulgaria

   Festivals: "Pianissimo" Sofia, Bulgaria ; "Crescendo" Basel, Suisse
   Tours: All over Europe - Austria, Suisse, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France.
Chamber Duo - flute & piano - Seoul, South Korea 2004/05

The only One pianist, played on Pope in Sofia, Bulgaria in "Saint Joseph" Church 2002.
Many concerts with Chamber Formations. Member of "Vesper" Band.
Member of State Music Theatre "Stefan Makedonski" Sofia, Bulgaria
Member of National Radio Broadcast, Sofia, Bulgaria

Piano Music Teacher - freelancer.

   VESELA & TOMI play together for years in many European and Asian countries.

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