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                        We  represent  to  you  VESSY  Harp  Player :
                                             ( from Bulgaria

   VESSY - Principal harp - Sofia Philharmonie Orchestra

   More than 15 years of professional experience in the following areas - hotel and private party entertainment, orchestra performing, solo recitals.

                                 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE :

Sofia Philharmonie Orchestra Sofia, Bulgaria 2000 - present
Hotel Seoul, Korea Dec.2003 - Apr.2004
Amman, Jordan Sept.1999 - Dec.1999
Belgrade, Serbia Feb.1999 - Apr.1999
Thessaloniki, Greece November 1996
Hotel Istanbul, Turkey Apr.1994 - July 1994
Ankara, Turkey Dec.1992 - March 1994
Sofia, Bulgaria July 1992 - Oct.1992

                                              EDUCATION :

The State Music Academy Sofia, Bulgaria 1992
The National High School of Music Sofia, Bulgaria 1987

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